The History of Metropolitan Church of Christ

Metropolitan Church of Christ

If you desire to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord, we invite you to partner with us in this endeavor. It is our desire to enhance the process of disciple making in East Fort Worth for the Kingdom. We want to demolish strongholds and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.  


We aim that every thought we have, every decision we make and every action we take be captive to and led by the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 10:5) so that God, not man, will be glorified Psalm 115:1.  We are determined that the endeavors of the MPCC are not about any man but God and God alone. Our goal is that God gets the glory only He deserves.

Bernard Hamilton
John W Ravin

Clyde Watson

Aubrey Houston

Robert Gloston

Song Leader:
Brandon Walker

Minister & Wife:

Rollin & Carolyn Morris