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To God Be the Glory!
Metropolitan Church of Christ
PO Box 15450
Fort Worth, Texas 76119
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MAY 9TH, 2021

Don't Judge Someone Because They Sin Differently From You✝

Happy Mothers Day

Covid Precautions

1) Temps over 100 not permitted.

2) Masks must be worn.

3) Designated seating will be in place; families may sit together.

4) Ushers will dismiss row by row.

5) Please do not congregate in the foyer nor the halls. Please leave the building after dismissal.

6) Thank you for helping to create a safe fellowship environment


Just click link below to sign up and wait to receive a phone call 6:50pm on Wednesday, which will connect you to the conference. It's that easy! In case you forget, you'll get a reminder text approximately 20 mins before we begin. We are studying the book of Deuteronomy and having a great time!

Tarrant County COVID-19 Vaccination Signup info

Get vaccinated by Tarrant County Public Health. For information on receiving COVID-19 vaccine click here.


I Had a Praying Mother

The prayers of a mother can be our saving grace in helping to shape the future of our children's lives. Today's message reminds us of just how important prayer is.


How to Handle Praise

Proverbs 27:21

How do you respond when someone compliments you? As Christians, we’re called to be humble, so knowing what to do when others say good things about us can be confusing. Because pride is always waiting to raise its ugly head, we need to be careful not to let praise puff us up. But this doesn’t mean we have to refuse every accolade in order to show our humility.

My advice is simply to say, “Thank you very much.” Then silently thank the Lord for the blessing, recognizing that anything worthy of praise ultimately comes from Him. If you felt encouraged, let the person know what the comment meant to you. If you receive praise for an achievement that was really a group effort, be sure to appropriately commend all who were involved. A blessing is more enjoyable when it’s shared.

Our character is tested by the praise that comes to us. Every compliment that graces our ears should ultimately rebound to our heavenly Father. If we hold onto it, pride could infect our heart, but humility comes when we pass the praise up to God.



Your offering can also be mailed to:
Metropolitan Church of Christ

Po Box 15450

Fort Worth, TX 76119

  1. Text the amount you'd like to give to  817-532-5240 (e.g. $50).

  2. If you have donated by text before, you'll receive a text in response confirming that your gift has been received successfully and you’re done.

  3. If it's your first time donating by text, you'll be sent a message that says, "It looks like you are a new giver; to begin: (link provided). 

  4. It will be a link to the church's online giving page. By clicking on the link you will be asked to supply your payment method (credit card, debit card, or bank account). This payment source will then be linked with your phone number so that, in the future, all you will need to do is text in the amount. (You will not need to re-enter the payment information.)



April Watson, Marvin Jr, Christene Peoples, Frankie Venters, Nathaniel Elder, Bro Hamilton 

Ken McDonald Family

(Prayer requests remain in effect for 1 week unless renewed)


Bonnie Barnes,  Geneva Foster - recovering from hip surgery, Nellie Jordan - Nursing Home, Bill Ravin, Ozella Mitchell, Lola Breed – Emerald Hills Rehab & Healthcare; Jerry W Elder - Southwest Rehab,  & Brenda Allen - Vincent Victoria Village Rehab, Marie Bolton 


Nancy McDonald        May 12

Geneva Foster             May 13


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