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To God Be the Glory!

Metropolitan Church of Christ
PO Box 15450
Fort Worth, Texas 76119

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Oct 18, 2020

Give God what’s right, not what’s left


that it's so easy to sign up for 

Wednesday bible class?

Just click link below to sign up and wait to receive a phone call at 6:50pm which will connect you to the conference. It's that easy! In case you forget, you'll get a reminder text approximately 20 mins before we begin. We are studying the book of Genesis and having a great time!

The Blame Game

Are you playing the Blame Game? It's time to take responsibility for our actions. Proverbs 15:16 Better a little with the fear of the LORD than great wealth with turmoil.


No Lone Rangers

Ephesians 4:11-16

Perhaps you can recall the fictitious cowboy known as the Lone Ranger. He was a self-appointed guardian of the law who brought many outlaws to justice. Although he was actively fighting against evil, his independence is not a good example for Christians.

When we trusted in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins, we became members of His body, the church. We weren’t saved to be independent agents; rather, God’s intention is that we be subject to Christ, bound together with fellow believers, and submitted to the elders who keep watch over our souls (Heb. 13:17).

The trouble is that many of us want Jesus and the benefits of salvation without having to answer to anyone. Yet God has placed certain individuals in leadership positions at the local church for our benefit. The proud, who go it alone, will become targets for our adversary—like a roaring lion, Satan sees lone rangers as easy prey (1 Peter 5:8).

Don’t forsake the protection of the church. If you do, you’ll become vulnerable to false teaching, the trickery and craftiness of men, and the deceitful schemes of the devil. 


Communion and Offering Available at the Church Building

Although we are temporarily apart, we’d like to continue as much connectivity as possible. To that end communion and collection services will be provided at the church building on Saturdays from 11am - 1pm. Measures will be taken to enhance safety, minimize contact and utilize social distancing.

Enter through the north parking lot (near the kitchen door). it will not be necessary for you to leave your vehicle. You will be given A sealed communion package that you can take with you and commune at home. You can leave your contribution with minimal contact. Servers will be wearing masks and gloves.



Your offering can also be mailed to:
Metropolitan Church of Christ

Po Box 15450

Fort Worth, TX 76119

  1. Text the amount you'd like to give to  817-532-5240 (e.g. $50).

  2. If you have donated by text before, you'll receive a text in response confirming that your gift has been received successfully and you’re done.

  3. If it's your first time donating by text, you'll be sent a message that says, "It looks like you are a new giver; to begin: (link provided). 

  4. It will be a link to the church's online giving page. By clicking on the link you will be asked to supply your payment method (credit card, debit card, or bank account). This payment source will then be linked with your phone number so that, in the future, all you will need to do is text in the amount. (You will not need to re-enter the payment information.)

(Prayer requests remain in effect for 1 week unless renewed)

Bran & Maranda Griffin - Tested positive for Covid, Wyette Robinson (general Health), 
Serelle & Tony Golden (general health),Charles & Debra Matlock - lost son in car accident


Nellie Jordan - Nursing Home, Beatrice Brown, Bill Ravin, Ken McDonald, Shirley Watson, Ozella Mitchell, Lola Breed – Emerald Hills Rehab & Healthcare; Jerry W Elder - Southwest Rehab,  & Brenda Allen - Vincent Victoria Village Rehab, Marie Bolton 





Naman Elder                      Oct 01

Eleanor McCorkle               Oct 10 
Deborah Jefferson              Oct 16
Pamela  Harris                    Oct 15

Regina Crockett                  Oct 16
Daphne  Jennings               Oct 31    
De'Onna  Jennings             Oct 26   




Metro Throwback Pics

this week's pics are a flashback from Homecoming 2017

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